Setting up or optimising server backends for multi-player games, local or cloud hosting.

When developing a video game, you sometimes need to set up a server backend because you need its functionality, and then :

  • What functions do I really need?
  • Which solution should you choose: strong integration with the tooling (Unity API, etc.), an open-source solution (Nakama, etc.) or specific development (e.g. Gamezilla in-fusio, NodeJS, Go, etc.)?
  • How can I ensure the scalability of the chosen solution if my game is a success, locally or in the cloud (AWS, Cloudflare, etc.)?
  • How long will it take to set up?
  • How much does it cost to deploy the solution, and then over time?
  • What skills should I keep or develop in-house, or outsource while keeping the situation under control and without any major risk for the future (change in Unity rates and strong integration, Cloud supplier policy, etc.)?

To answer all these questions, TechB can support you!

Player behavioural analysis

You want to know how your players behave in order to build loyalty and improve your revenues and your games.

There are a number of topics to be covered:

  • How should the data be collected? Synchronous or asynchronous?
  • Which server solution should I use? ELK? Something else?
  • Should this be done locally or in the cloud?
  • What are the timescales and prices for implementing the solution?

TechB is here to help you implement your technical solution!

IT services for game studios
IT services for game studios

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