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Who are we?

TechB your trusted partner

28 years of experience for companies of all kinds on 3 continents, all in a merry atmosphere!

Business creators, our field experience will allow you to avoid many pitfalls in setting up operations of your structure, such as: find suitable premises, help with recruitment, choice of sub-businessescontractors, links with institutional partners in Bordeaux or further afield, local management of the structure if necessary, support over the duration if desired by the customer.

Video game studios: we can help you set up or optimise your “server” solutions, whether to manage multiplayer interactions, matchmaking or player behavioural analysis by retrieving and analysing your data in real time or from your data warehouse.

We can also support you in your projects of creation, evolution or redesign of your Information System. Have a part-time COO or CTO to carry out your projects!

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Creation/improvement of your Information System, consulting for setting-up your business in Bordeaux

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