Entrepreneurs: how and why creating your Information System?

When creating a business, multiple challenges arise simultaneously.


  • How do I build my business model?
  • How do I finance my project?
  • Which markets to target?
  • Who am I recruiting and how?
  • How do I set up an Information System for my company, what do I put in it, why, with which tools, within which timeframe, at what price, how does it last and evolve over time, how do I secure it, how do I train my teams to use it efficiently?

To answer those questions, TechB can help you!

Example of a mission: audit of existing server platforms in the video games industry, recommendation of changes to ensure scalability, implementation of the solution with partners and local teams, customer support.

We can also create ex-nihilo solutions based on a client’s functional needs.

Existing companies: is your Information System (IS) well adapted to your activity and at the right price?

As time passes, your information system must evolve alongside your activities to support them effectively, while maintaining its technical, functional and budgetary control.

Sometimes we forget our Information System, it becomes part of the landscape, of usual tools, and then:

  • Excel sheets are multiplying in teams to compensate for functional deficiencies
  • The response times of the IS are deteriorating following the increase in data little or not anticipated at all
  • Some equipment breaks down, we then realize that they were not redundant or supported effectively, and part of your activity stops for an uncontrolled amount of time
  • The company has grown through external growth, but legacy systems communicate poorly and synergies can’t be performed
  • Security holes appear in the IS, because the multiplicity of software components is increasing and their support is only done partially (too many disparate components or loss of internal skills)
  • The budget skyrockets because you’re stuck into a spiral of compensation for the obsolescence of your IS leading to constant additions of costly software and hardware patches.

To avoid these pitfalls and allow you to develop your Information System harmoniously, TechB can support you!

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